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Levy Moua is a certified USGTF instructor, US Kids Golf Coach and fitter, and Master Club fitting and repair by Mitchell Golf. Levy's passion for the game has fueled his desire to help golfers of all levels to learn, enjoy, and improve their game. Golf is a game and the reason we all play is to have fun. Levy understand the game can be frustrating at times and this is why he focuses on keeping his instructions simple so the player will have a clear understanding of what he/she is doing. 

Levy provides individual tailored instructions that will help produce a natural, effortless, and repeatable golf swing for more consistency. Building a swing with fundamentals and specific drills for long term results is key. Practice is more beneficial and productive if there is a purpose and goal involved. 

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LM Golf Academy is a one stop shop. We are here to help improve the quality of your practice through teaching the proper mechanics and technique to help your game. We offer repair services, fitting services, and teaching services using current teaching technology with FlightScope launch monitor and video analysis.


Are You Ready?

LM Golf Academy is committed to providing courses that not only fit every skill level and background, but also infuse our supportive and innovative teaching approach. Check out our current course offerings below.



- Short game clinic

- Beginner Golf clinic

- Winter programs (6 wks and/or 12 wks)

- Junior Golf Camp (advanced junior golfers)

- Corporate Golf clinic (4 people min.)


- Club repairs
- Club fitting 
- Club sale
- Golf Simulator

Golf Bags
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- Individual lessons 

  • ​Children 12 and under - $45 for 30min

  • 13-17yrs old - $60 for 45min 

  • 18 and up - $75 per hour 

  • Senior (65 and up) - $55 for 45min

- Group lessons (4 people min.)

  • call for pricing 

- Corporate lessons (4 people min.)

  • call for pricing 

- 9-hole playing lesson

  • call for pricing

- Personalized golf packages available

  • call for pricing

- 4 lesson package - $280 

- 6 lesson package - $400

- 10 lesson package - $700



Whether it is a junior golfer looking to play college golf, a high school golfer trying to get a golf scholarship, a college golfer looking to play on the PGA or LPGA tour, a beginner golfer looking to get his ball in the air, a weekend golfer trying to lower his handicap or a struggling golfer looking to not embarrass himself in front of his friends or clients, our goal is to help you improve and have fun. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us today.


Wayne W. Dyer

First, Levy's kindness and integrity. I have serious shoulder limitations. Levy works with me to create a simplified swing to assure that I can still make good contact and enjoy the game. He has patience, knowledge of the game and most important, an encouraging approach to golfers at different levels of ability. His schedule is flexible. His instruction and encouragement has put excitement back into my interest in playing. His teaching style and ability to adapt my swing to best fit my limitations is greatly appreciated.

David Babczak

I am just finishing up a set of lessons with Levy. What a great teacher! He has taught me so much and has improved every aspect of my game. With one tweak in my backswing, he upped my game with the big stick . With one adjustment in my shoulders, he upgraded my chipping game. He's a magician! And his joyful laughter when I got something right were proof of his love for the game and his passion for teaching. The lessons were worth every penny! Thanks Levy!

Scott Conley

After years of playing with back pain and limited ability to swing, the result was having back surgery.  With my new found ability to freely swing without pain or restrictions, I knew I needed to “re-boot” my swing.
Levy was able to simplify my swing, maximize my distance, and correct my accuracy.  We also found a swing that would not cause any further problems for my back.
We went through the bag and fine-tuned each club to maximize my shot making ability.  The result is I’m able to shoot in the 70’s in both my senior leagues.
Thank you Levy for helping me continue my enjoyment of playing golf.

Working with Levy has improved my short game and long game.  His instructor/coach approach to the recreational golfer is very inciteful for helping golfers make swing corrections.  His knowledge of the swing and his ability to relate to struggles average golfers go through on the golf course facilitate his instructions to help build the best swing possible.  He will also help you pick the right clubs and golf balls that will benefit your game the most.  His goal is to make golf enjoyable for his students by getting the most out of their games.

Glenn McNeil

Dennis Stuckey

 Levy’s lessons were filled with positivity. His instruction/coaching improved multiple aspects of my game. Levy easily identifies swing errors, takes a video, watches it with you, and explains how to immediately make the needed corrections. I especially appreciated the adjustments made to my swing and the lessons working on the short game. Time well spent!

Levi is very personable and offers great suggestions. He made me feel very comfortable working at my own pace and knowledge level. He aims to know my goals and offers different programs/classes to help me achieve those goals. He’s committed to helping me and my success. I’ve definitely seen improvement!

Sue Ursprung

Mike Johnson

Where do I start to tell you about my friend Levy.I have known him and his family for over 10 yrs now. Our parents have ties that go back over 40 years but we didn’t know that until we met. Levy is a man driven to accomplish his goals in life. I have watched him put in the time and hard work to get where he is today. He is dedicated to the game of golf and he translates that dedication into his teaching. He has always worked to get the best out of his game and will not stop until he helps you get the best out of your game. If you love the game of golf, Levy is the man to take you to the next level whether your a beginner or a seasoned player. I look forward to working with my friend and teacher Levy and have him take me to my next goal in my golf game.

Started my golf lessons with Levy about a year ago as a beginner and I was extremely green at the game of golf. Levy helped me to narrow the focus by starting with just the 7 iron helping to build my confidence on the range. I did the 6 lesson program in the spring and then the 12 lesson winter program. Levy is very passionate about teaching the game of golf but also very practical as well and makes learning the game fun.
Wow! What a difference from a year ago! If you are willing to listen and put the practice time in Levy will instill confidence and you will be hitting solid shots in no time.

David Adams

Andrew Smucker

I've known Levi for about 10 years now. This guy eats, sleeps, and breathes golf. You want to discuss any topic about golf Levi will be more than happy to talk to you about it. When it comes to golf Levi knows what he is doing and can really help with your swing and improving your scores. Levi not only knows how to improve your golf game but he is also a great person that I would trust when it comes to golf and getting better!!

Jeff Sauder

I signed up for the 12 week program to prepare for spring golf. Levy worked with my swing by tweaking ball position and grip which improved my ability to hit the ball in the center of the club face. We then moved to short game improvements which have been very helpful and increased my confidence from 100 yards and in. I found Levy to be very flexible with scheduling time for the lessons. I also enjoyed working with him due to his upbeat attitude and enthusiasm.

Tom Daniels

I have the grate privilege of working with Levy. He is truly an outstanding golf instructor with a plan of actions to improve your golf game. After working with Levy, I was able to shoot in the mid 70’s from my normal middle and high 80’s. He help identified areas in my weak game whether it’s the short game or that beautiful drive off the tee. I was able to use all that detail information and turn that into my strength of the game, especially around the green; Chipping and Putting. Levy has such a beautiful facility set to take your game to the next level. I highly recommend Levy to anyone who is looking to improve their golf game.

Levy is not only able to teach you the physical/mechanical part of the game, but also the mental part of the game in a way that is easy to understand and apply. He is exceptional at coaching short game, course management, and mental strategy. After working with Levi, you will certainly see your scores drop!

Jai Vang

Colby Zimmerman 

Lesson was very informative and helped on many different aspects of my game. Shot a career low round after my first lesson.

Colin Rider

I came to Levy with a nasty slice wanting to get rid of it. I spent 12 Weeks over the winter fixing my swing flaws and working on course management. Thanks to him I am now enjoying golf and on the verge of breaking 100 with goals to break 90. I would not recommend coming here if you don't want to practice and put in the work on the range and at home.
Levy breaks the game down and your swing in a way that is easy to understand and replicate. He continues to work with me on little questions or tune ups. I will keep coming back for lessons my game progress.

Brandon P.

I’ve worked with Levy over the last two seasons. My overall game has improved. I’ve gone from a 18 handicap down to a 9.
Levy’s approach to coaching is nice for the student. He takes your current swing and adapts it to a fundamentally sound swing that transfers to the course. He also works with the student with course management, which will alter your approach to the game and ultimately helps reduce your score, and that’s the end goal.
Overall, Levy’s approach to coaching has been successful and I will continue to work with him in the future.

I have the pleasure of working with Levy at Foxchase golf club, where he operates LM Academy. I am playing the best golf i have ever played with the fittings Levy has done for me. He is also the best instructor i have received a lesson from. If you want to understand the game of golf better and gain some new found confidence, pay Levy a visit!

Stephen Keele

Mark Dunn

If you are looking to be fitted for just 1 club or a whole set I’m confident Levy is the fitting professional you want, his commitment, passion and excellent 1 on 1 communication skills he applies to you really shows forth and I just wanted to say Thank you to him and Foxchase golf for a fantastic experience!!

Phil Gladfelter


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